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Sean Mulcahy

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"Love is like a butterfly, it goes where it pleases,

pleasing all where it goes."


by Unknown Author.


Dear Brother and Sisters,

The songs I compose and sing are healing in nature. The music comes from the place of remembrance that dwells within all of us. I have been blessed with the gift of communicating this remembrance of I Am Love through the vibrational frequencies of melody and song. I Am an instrument of Love’s Heart Song.

The heart is a symbol of love. Love is the answer to everything. Love is the front door, a bridge to accessing our DNA directly. The music that is manifested through me is a direct expression of “I will that your will be done.” The voice that I Am and the songs that I sing abide in all that I Am as part of all that is. My heart is full of love and the desire to be truly helpful in bringing love and light to the world and comfort to all who seek comfort.

I have committed myself to the path of service to be truly helpful. I know the heart activation music is a part of my journey yet intuitively I feel there is something more I am to do and as I step forward I feel that this 'something more' will become clear.

I have a vision of traveling in a van (that's souped up with creative equipment for recording music, making videos and networking, etc) visiting people that are committed to the path of spirit and possibly creating documentaries of these travels. I also feel that my travels will help contribute to bringing light and love to the places that I visit and as I visit different places I would like to make time to visit nursing homes to play my heart songs.

At present I am wanting to find a haven where I can start recording a CD that will combine what I call 'the language' and inspirational songs.

In-Love and Gratitude,


Sean Mulcahy

the "Healing Grace" CD

the "the Whale Song"

My gift to you,  “The Whale Song”.

The "Whale Song", is a good example of what I call ‘The Language’. I know that the language is an activation language of the heart. I know that part of my journey is assisting in the activation of hearts which I believe is the front door to bridging our DNA activation.

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